Performing Arts

In AMBIGU PERFORMING ARTS we don’t just train actors.

We finalize it with a production valuable for your future representation and giving you the First Decisive Step toward the industry. (Theatre, Film and Television)

Based and combined through the to fondamentals of the Acting Methods ( Stanislavsky and Brehcht), we offer you our experience and knowledge in the most practical and efficient way.

We believe Acting is not an explanation. Acting is Action.

Our system will help you find your hidden Characters Gallery, spring your Creativity and understand the Fundamental Rules of building your Carrier.

Do you love Directing? We will teach you the right path to Create and Build your dreams on Stage and Tapes.

By understanding Acting you will aleays be a greater Director.

With more than 17 years of professional experience on Television, Theatre and Film, Genti Bejko brings and shares all his experience and professionalism with you.

You don’t talk about yourself – Your work has to speak for you.