Our Spaces

The AMBIGU VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS GALLERY rental spaces consist of two different rectangular rooms and a separated third room ideal for readings, projections and private meetings.

The two primary spaces consist of a showcase of 102 sq/ft divided in two parts and 456 sq/ft of exhibition walls, in total 558 sq/ft with a possible use of a back showcase spaces of 80 sq/ft.

The second space consists of 355 sq/ft. Both SPACES are connected. The walls are 8 and 7.6 feet high. The first space includes the showcase on a typical view of the Amherst street.

74 feet linear for Space I and 52 feet linear for Space II

Both spaces offer more than 912 sq/ft of exhibition hanging area or a total of 126 feet linear for both main spaces.

The Acting Studio consists of 21 X 7.8 ft with a possibility of 378 sq/f for hanging and projection surface.

There is also a common storage area for additional materials.

You can rent a local or the three of them.


  • One or the three spaces according to the availability of the moment
  • All the amenities for the presentation of the exhibition
  • An adequate lighting system
  • Equipment needed to hang works
  • A space on the website of the gallery and on the Facebook page to announce the exhibition with photos of works provided by the artist
  • Coctails and Catering services if deserved



The artist designs, plans and organizes his exhibition. He/she takes care of advertising it. He/she sells his own works. For any sales made by Ambigu, a percentage will be automatically deducted.

The artist supports his/her hanging and organizes the opening if wanted to have one.

The day our contract starts, the artist hangs her/his works and completes the lightening under the supervision of the gallery manager.

The artist determines his opening hours, between 10 am and 10 pm.

The artist, or her/his representative, must be present during the opening hours.

By the last day of the lease, at noon, the artist must vacate the gallery.

AMBIGU may assist and provide you advertising and organizational work, assist in hanging your works, lightening design and opening night, upon request. Additional fees for each particular element based on your needs will apply.


By signing of the lease, the artist makes a first deposit corresponding to the 50% of the rental cost.

A security deposit  of $ 400 it is also needed.

The artist or her/his representative agrees to pay the rest of the rental on the last day of the contract.

The security deposit will be refunded in no later than 5 business days after the end of the rent.


Contact us to know our spaces prices and to book your dates as soon as possible. AMBIGU offers  no percentage and a flat rate rental fee.


For exhibitions, the premises are rented on weekly basis, from Monday noon up to the next Monday noon. Extended periods are also possible and discounts may apply.

For other events, the premises are rented by the day or hours.