The Embassy of Albania in Canada turned into an art gallery in early February 2019, opening its doors to Diplom’ART, a superb exhibition of a quartet of contemporary Montreal artists, Entela Konomi, Kastriot Dervishi, Rapi Sota and Gent Bejko, all of Albanian origin. This event became possible thanks to the collaboration of the Albanian Embassy with the Montreal’s Art Gallery AMBIGU which curated and selected the artworks.

There has never been so many colors and effervescence, on the third floor of 130 Albert Street as with this display in diplomatic suit.

The exhibition opened to a warm and enthusiastic crowd, with overwhelming positive feedback. The colourful contemporary and modern works grabbed everyone’s attention. The artworks in this show added quite an edgy but spunky vibe to the gathering. They look at the state of mind when existence is defined as being “in-between” cultures, while the discovery of the country of adoption crosses the memories of the country of origin.

Both co-organizers, the Ambassador of Albania in Canada, Ermal Muça and Mishel Koçiu, founder and creative director of AMBIGU, highlighted the cultural ties between the two countries and the ability of art in bringing people together.

There was a great crowd, a diverse mix of distinguished guests, diplomats, artists, architects and local business owners. Everything took place in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, with many discussions between guests and artists on particular works and the inspiration behind each piece, music in the background with wine and gourmet catering throughout the evening.

For many this event was an elegant way of doing diplomacy through the light of art, of colour and creativity.

The exhibition is open every day, from 12:00 to 17h, until February 17th.